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H's Music.

I've been singing since I was three years old. And no, unfortunately, that is not an exaggeration.

There is something about four guitar chords & a heartfelt chorus that pulls at the seams of my soul every time. No matter what genre, no matter where it's played, I tear up at the slightest harmony that speaks to me. Music has the ability to do so many things, & that is only one of the many reasons I adore it so much.

I do covers of songs from a lot of different genres. Unfortunately, most of these covers never leave my living room. If, somehow, I've convinced myself that one of the multiple videos I've recorded is satisfactory, it ends up on my SoundCloud account. How long it remains up, well, that's usually an inner-critic judgement call.

Regardless, thank you for your support of my soul's work.


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