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H's Poetry Book.

Friends, for about as long as I can remember, I have been writing, reading, & being pursued by poetry. I've been keeping an old-fashioned, leather-bound journal that houses all of my poems since I've been in high school. There are some real gems, some knock-offs, & some plain old rocks in there, but nonetheless, it's the start of something wonderful.

My dream is to become a published author & travel photographer. I want to explore, write about & experience other cultures, & enjoy their food & life on this wonderful earth none of us get to stay on for long enough. That dream was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love novel.

After several years of wishing, wanting, & waiting, I have finally published my first poetry book. The link can be found below to take you directly to it. 

"twenty-two years not knowing you" out now via Amazon!

Please feel free to hop to my Instagram as well for content inside - sometimes, I post sneak-peaks there!

Thank you for your consistent support. This book has pieces of my soul inside that I cannot wait to share with you.


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